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Application example: concrete pump arm position feedback

Concrete pump wagons consists of up to 5-pieced arms. The control-unit needs to know the exact position of each arm-part in order to control the right position of the concrete outlet by i.e. a joystick. When inclinometers are mounted on each arm-part the control unit can calculate the exact position of the concrete outlet. Moreover, if a certain movement is required (initiated by the joystick), the control unit knows which hydraulic cylinder or combination of cylinders should be activated.

Sensor: Inclination sensor QG65

Specific: 1-axis 360°, CANopen interface

By using 360° inclinometers the crane-arm position can be measured in each position.
Using a CAN-bus and a ‘CFM’ model sensor (with integrated CAN T-joint for cable loop-through) prevents for high cable costs and is a robust interface.

Concrete pump

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